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Features not available via API

CodeTwo Exchange Rules SDK gives access to .NET platform libraries that contain classes representing the provided API. Currently, however, the number of program's features is limited andsome of them are not provided and cannot be implemented.

The features listed below are currently unavailable in the provided API:

  • Scheduler - enables setting the time frames for the rule to work.

  • Remove Sensitive Content action - used to automatically filter confidential data and sensitive content in messages, according to phrases defined in the program's dictionary.

  • Strip/dump attachments action - used to automatically remove certain attachments from messages or remove and dump them onto a hard drive.

  • Searching for sensitive content in the Subject and Body conditions.

  • Adding Custom placeholders - these placeholders are not supported by the program by default.

  • Creating and modifying dictionaries and phrases for sensitive content

  • Definition of Critical notifications' recipients - this option enables specifying users that will receive important information concerning the program, i.e. trial version expiry date, reaching the license limit, etc.

  • Configuration of Access rights - thanks to this feature you are able to define rights for users who will manage the program via Administration Panels.

  • Sent Items Update. This service enables users to see the messages processed by the program in the Sent Items folder of their mailboxes.

  • Unsubscribe mechanism - lets your clients decide if they want to unsubscribe from a mailing list.

  • Grouping of rules by using Categories.

  • Capability to track who created and/or modified a rule, and when it happened.

  • Mechanism processing secure messages.

  • Conditional Placeholders.

  • Inserting the placeholders listed below to disclaimer/signature templates:

    Placeholder name

    Placeholder type

    {Rotating image}

    Dynamic content

    {Rotating text}

    Dynamic content

    {Recipient address}

    Message properties

    {Message subject}

    Message properties

    {Sending server}

    Message properties

    {Message ID}

    Message properties

    {Message Date}

    Message properties



    {Unique counter}


    {Current Date/Time}


    {QR Code Image}


    {Unsubscribe link}


See also

Implementing features – this section contains articles on the features available in the provided API, with examples that may be used straight after download to create custom apps. You will also find information about setting various types of authentication (used when connecting an app to Exchange Rules Pro) and generating API Clients from the provided WSDL.