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Message splitting

The provided API provides additional, advanced settings related to message splitting.

The message splitting feature allows you to split one message into multiple messages if the program applies different rules to different recipients of this message. The split messages will be visible in the Sent Items folder of the sender's mailbox. For example, if an email is sent to internal and external users and these two types of users are set to trigger different rules, then the original sender will see the message split into two messages in his/her Sent Items folder (one message will be processed by your first rule while the other message will be processed by the second rule).

To make use of message splitting, you should first download AdvancedSettings (these settings contain information on tenants and message splitting) from the Settings Storage WCF Service using DownloadAdvancedSettings. Next, add the SplitMessages property to implement the feature in your custom app. Finally, upload the settings back to the Settings Storage WCF Service so that they can be applied within your environment. The example below shows how to do it step by step:

Code entity reference: SplitMessages

//Download advanced settings from SettingsStorage
var client = new ER.SDK.SettingsStorageClient("SettingsStorageHttpEndpoint");
var settings = client.DownloadAdvancedSettings();

//Enable message splitting
settings.SplitMessages = true;

//Upload the settings back to SettingsStorage