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A ready-made sample of an ASP.NET web app

This section describes the features available in the provided sample of the ASP.NET web app. This sample app is installed along with this SDK and is available in this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeTwo\CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro SDK\Samples.

Web App Sample Location

Additionally, there is also a general instruction on how to reconfigure the sample and deploy it to the production environment.

This article consists of the following sections:

Features included in the ASP.NET web app sample

Once you download the SDK package, the source code of the sample web app will also be provided. You will be able to use it and adjust it to your needs prior to reconfiguration of endpoints.

The ready-made sample of the provided ASP.NET web app includes the following capabilities:

How to deploy the sample?

The ASP.NET web app sample is ready to be used - you only have to open it in Visual Studio and build a project following the procedure described in the deployment section of our walkthrough. Note that you need to fulfill the requirements for developing a custom app first, before starting the deployment process.

Note Note

Please note that the endpoint defined within the Web.config file in the provided sample is set to localhost and the authentication is set to No authentication. Therefore, to change the address of the endpoint and configure the authentication method, open the web.config file in your project and enter new values.

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