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ER.SDK Namespace

The collection of classes used to build custom applications integrated with the Exchange Rules Service.
Public classActionCollection
The collection of Actions.
Public classAttachmentsFilenamesCollection
The list of attachments' file extensions, e.g. *.doc, *.txt. Such list forms part of the next table defining conditions for attachments.
Public classCompositionImages
The collection of images embedded within the HTML composition. It contains data necessary to create images, i.e. file name and binary data. All files within the collection have unique names.
Public classFilePathsList
The list of paths pointing to the location of files attached to messages while processing the attachment adding actions.
Public classFilterCollection
The collection of filters that form a logical expression.
Public classPlaceholdersCollection
The collection of placeholders used in compositions.
Public classRecipientDescList
The recipients' list implementation for ActionAutoRespond.
Public classRewriteAddresses2
A class containing mapped addresses for ActionSenderAddressRewrite2. The key (String) is a source email address (letters are not case-sensitive). The value (RewriteMapped) is a target object to be rewritten - it contains new email address and DisplayName data.
Public classSettingsStorageClient
The Exchange Rules API client (the custom application).
Public classSyncRulesResult
This class will contain information on conflicts arising while uploading rules back to the Settings Storage WCF Service.
Public classTenantsCollection
The collection of tenants.
Public interfaceISettingsStorage
The settings server the custom applications make use of. Its configuration may include connection authentication type. Furthermore, it defines rules' access rights while uploading the collection of rules from the custom application.