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Settings.Filters.Attachments Namespace

The collection of classes representing attachment filtering settings available in conditions/exceptions of rules. When a message is processed, the program evaluates these conditions/exceptions.
Public classAttachmentsFilenamesCollection
The list of attachments' file extensions, e.g. *.doc, *.txt. Such list forms part of the next table defining conditions for attachments.
Public classAttachmentsFilenamesCollectionsArray
The table containing the collection of attachments' extensions, e.g. 1. (*.doc, *.txt) 2. (*.htm; *.html). This table becomes a part of the attachment filter's definition.
Public classAttachmentsSizeDesc
The attachment's size descriptor in the attachment filters.
Public classAttachmentsSizeDescSizeDesc
The condition's descriptor regarding size, e.g. the attachment needs to be bigger than SizeDesc1 and smaller than SizeDesc2.
Public enumerationAttachmentsSizeDescEnumAttachmentSizeUnit
The attachment's size unit.
Public enumerationAttachmentsSizeDescEnumWhatToCheck
The way the size of attachments is checked: individually each attachments' size or the cumulative size of all attachments.