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ER.Shared.Settings.Disclaimers Namespace

The collection of classes representing composition's settings of the signature/disclaimer adding actions provided by CodeTwo Exchange Rules API.
Public classCompositionImage
The definition of an image used within the composition.
Public classCompositionImages
The collection of images embedded within the HTML composition. It contains data necessary to create images, i.e. file name and binary data. All files within the collection have unique names.
Public classCompositionLayoutHtml
The definition of the HTML composition layout. It contains 4 types of disclaimers: left, right, top and bottom and the collection of images. Additionally, it contains the preview section showing the original message. It's important to set ExpandLeft and ExpandRight if composition contains left and/or right sections.
Public classCompositionLayoutPureText
The definition of the Pure Text composition layout. It contains only 2 types of disclaimers: top and bottom.
Public classCompositionLayoutRtf
The definition of the RTF composition layout. It contains only 2 types of disclaimers: top and bottom.
Public classCompositionLayoutsContainer
It contains the definition of compositions for different formats: HTML, RTF and Plain Text.
Public classCompositionSectionBase
The base used for each composition that involves the content: left, right, top, bottom. It contains the common elements: Visibility, Content and Options.
Public classCompositionSectionBottom
The Bottom section of the composition.
Public classCompositionSectionLeft
The Left section of the composition.
Public classCompositionSectionOptions
Options for sections involving the content. These options define what to do if the content is already present within the message.
Public classCompositionSectionOriginalMessage
The Original message section.
Public classCompositionSectionRight
The Right section of the composition.
Public classCompositionSectionTop
The Top section of the composition.
Public classTemplateText
Represents template's text. It is for general use other than the message composition, e.g. to generate reply templates in autoresponders.
Public classTemplateTextHtml
Represents an HTML template's text. That's why apart from content it also contains the collection of images.
Public interfaceICompositionSection
Common interface for all sections including disclaimer content: top, bottom, left and right.