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Settings.Phrases Namespace

The collection of classes representing settings of actions and conditions/exceptions associated with processing of keywords.
Public classKeywordDesc
The descriptor of a given explicit keyword. It is used in descriptions associated with actions that remove keywords (it is different from the sensitive content and Phrase). The definition of keywords used in filters (conditions) is different. Furthermore, the filter's search range for keywords (subject, body or both) is specified at the level of a filter itself. In the case of actions, the search pattern for removing keywords is specified for each keyword separately. It derives from the way the program works. In conditions (filters) we define the keywords' search pattern by selecting the condition's type (subject or body). On the other hand, in actions we need to select the action type first and then choose the search pattern for keywords (subject or body).
Public classKeywordDescContainer
The container with phrases for ActionRemoveKeyword.
Public enumerationEnumTextSearchLocation
The location within email (subject / body) to search for keywords. These are binary flags so they can be associated with one another.