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C2Common.AD Namespace

The collection of classes for general use with Active Directory.
Public classADPropertyCompareCriteria
The collection of criteria comparing AD property values.
Public classADPropertyCompareCriterion
The criterion for comparing AD property values.
Public classADPropertyName
Active Directory property descriptor. It holds LDAP name which is used to search for value and display name (visible on UI) in AD.
Public classADValueBinary
Represents the binary value of AD property.
Public classADValueInteger
Represents the collection of numeric values of AD property.
Public classADValueString
Represents the collection of text values of AD property.
Public classCDistinguishedName
Representation of the Distinguished Name from AD. It can be created based on LDAP paths containing prefix. Prefix will be removed and only pure Distinguished Name will remain.
Public interfaceIADValue
Represents the value of AD property.
Public enumerationEnumComparsionType
The value comparison type.
Public enumerationEnumLdapPropertyNames
LDAP property names.