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Settings.Actions.RemoveAttachments Namespace

The collection of classes representing the Strip/dump attachments action and its settings.
Public classActionRemoveAttachments
The "Strip/dump attachments" action. Dumps and/or removes all or specified attachments only from an original message according to the defined Scope. Strip / dump mode is defined in ProcessingType. If ProcessingType is set to Save or SaveAndDelete then the attachments will be stored in TargetFolderPath. Subfolders structure and file name template are defined using DirectoryTreeTemplate and FilenameTemplate. IfFileExists defines action that will be taken if the file already exists in the target directory. If Scope is set to SpecifiedByType, the file types extensions should be defined using AttachmentsFilenamesCollection. For SpecifiedBySize, the size descriptor should be defined in AttachmentsSizeDesc. When attachments are stripped, the action can send a defined Notification to the sender. Notification template can be defined for all email formats: NotificationTemplateHtml, NotificationTemplateRtf and NotificationTemplatePlainText.
Public enumerationActionRemoveAttachmentsEnumIfFileExists
The approach to saving attachments that already exist in a particular directory.
Public enumerationActionRemoveAttachmentsEnumNotification
Type of notification inserted into the original message. The notification should inform about the event e.g. 'The following attachments have been removed from the message.'
Public enumerationActionRemoveAttachmentsEnumProcessingType
The approach to processing an attachment.
Public enumerationActionRemoveAttachmentsEnumScope
The approach to searching for the attachments to be removed.