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Getting started

To create a custom application integrated with CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, you need to have:

  1. basic knowledge of the C# programming language.

  2. basic knowledge of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

  3. CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro installed on an Exchange server with the Mailbox or Hub Transport Role (depending on the server version used in your environment).

    Learn more about the installation and system requirements of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

  4. An instance of Visual Studio 2012 or newer installed on any machine with a connection to the Exchange server where the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Service is deployed. The software is necessary to develop the custom app integrated with Exchange Rules Pro Windows Service

  5. CodeTwo Exchange Rules SDK downloaded onto a machine equipped with an instance of Visual Studio 2012 or newer. This is the machine where you will develop your custom app integrated with the Exchange Rules Service.

Caution note Caution

This refers to custom web apps only: to deploy a web app to the production environment, besides the above requirements you also need to have Internet Information Services (IIS) installed on a machine where your web app will be deployed. These services are required to assign your custom application to the AppPool supporting .NET 4.0: IIS Server Manager is used to add your custom web app to the AppPool.

Note Note

Refers to the custom app's operation and to a machine where Visual Studio is installed: .NET 4.0 or higher needs to be installed on a machine where your custom app will be launched by a developer. Both .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio are required on a machine where your custom app will be developed.

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