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CodeTwo Exchange Rules SDK guide

CodeTwo Exchange Rules SDK (software development kit) provides documentation, samples and libraries (containing classes representing the program’s API) that let you develop and build service-oriented custom applications integrated with the Exchange Rules Service.

This article consists of the following sections:

Tip Tip

Please note that the documentation herein also includes the description of CodeTwo Exchange Rules API reference which is visible in the table of contents (TOC) on the left.

Who is the SDK for?

Thanks to this solution, this SDK along with the documentation will let you create custom-made applications based on the provided API. Once created, these applications may be used by delegated users in your environment to communicate with and manage the existing installation of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro via e.g. web browsers.

Web App Sample
What types of apps can you build using this SDK?

You can use this SDK to build the following types of custom apps integrated with CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro:

  • Web apps, e.g. ASP.NET.

  • Desktop apps, e.g. Windows Forms, WPF.

  • Mobile apps, e.g. Android/iOS using Xamarin.

What features of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro may be implemented in custom apps using this SDK?
Installing CodeTwo Exchange Rules SDK

To make use of CodeTwo Exchange Rules SDK, you first need to download it to a machine equipped with an instance of Visual Studio 2012 or newer (with a connection to the Exchange Server where the Exchange Rules Service is deployed), where you will develop your custom application integrated with CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro.

Important note Important

Note that CodeTwo Exchange Rules SDK is available as a separate package not included in the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro installation pack. The installation package of this SDK can be downloaded from our website.

After installation, CodeTwo Exchange Rules SDK will be available in the following default location (unless chosen differently): C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeTwo\CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro SDK. Furthermore, CodeTwo Exchange Rules SDK consists of:

  • Documentation - sections within the documentation provide info on functionalities available via the provided API along with sample code references. Additionally, the content of these sections provides direct links to the user’s manual (describing individual features of the program in detail) and links to the API reference associated with the sample code used within these sections.

  • Compiled libraries for .NET platforms that contain classes representing the API provided by CodeTwo.

  • A ready-made sample of a custom web app in a source code that may be implemented straight after downloading the pack instead of creating an app from scratch.

Note Note

Note that to make use of the provided libraries (containing classes representing the API) you need to add references to assemblies within your project from the SDK’s installation path first and then start developing your custom application.

To learn more about adding references from the downloaded SDK to assemblies, go to point 2 of the ASP.NET web app development walkthrough.

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Architecture - this article explains the communication between a custom app and Exchange Rules Pro via the provided API. The main components involved in the process are described in detail.

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Implementing features - this section contains articles on the features available in the provided API, with examples that may be used straight after download to create custom apps. You will also find information about setting various types of authentication (used when connecting an app to Exchange Rules Pro) and generating API Clients from the provided WSDL.

Features not available via API - list of features unavailable in the current version of the API

A ready-made sample of an ASP.NET web app - a sample source code for a custom app. This code may be implemented in a production environment straight after downloading CodeTwo Exchange Rules SDK.

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